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    • "He who hated draws", part 2

      Janowski used King's Gambit against the aging Steinitz. Steinitz tried to refute it, Janowski counter-refuted, but then made a couple of inaccurate moves and lost.   Lasker already guaranteed himself the first prize and probably didn't mind a ... | Read More

      • Spektrowski
      • | Nov 18, 2011
    • "He who hated draws"

      The Polish/Russian - French - Jewish grandmaster Dawid (David Markelovich) Janowski (1868 - 1927) was known for his fiery attacking style, occasional impossible blunders and hatred of draws. Someone said of him, "He would rather lose a game than d... | Read More

    • Botvinnik 100th anniversary party at Suzdal, part 3

      Part 1: Yuri Averbakh, Olga Botvinnik, Mark Taimanov http://blog.chess.com/Spektrowski/botvinnik-100th-anniversary-part-1 Part 2: Viktor Korchnoi, Evgeny Vasiukov http://blog.chess.com/view/botvinnik-100th-anniversary-party-at-suzdal-part-2 N. P... | Read More

    • Botvinnik 100th anniversary party at Suzdal, part 2

      Part 1, with speeches from Yuri Averbakh, Olga Botvinnik and Mark Taimanov, can be found here: http://blog.chess.com/Spektrowski/botvinnik-100th-anniversary-part-1 N. Polyanskikh: Our people have conquered Alps, time to time. First Suvorov used R... | Read More

      • Spektrowski
      • | Aug 22, 2011
    • Botvinnik 100th anniversary party at Suzdal, part 1

      Transcript of an almost 1.5-hour long video which can be found here: http://chessm.ru/vecher-posvyaschennyj-100-letiyu-mmbotvinnika/ GM Sergey Makarychev (from the screen): More than half a century ago, in Moscow, in the Pillar Hall of the House ... | Read More

    • Yuri Averbakh speaks about Mikhail Botvinnik

      Interview by Yuri Vasilyev, Sport-Express. 17 August 2011 http://others.sport-express.ru/reviews/15791/ A senior tournament is currently held in Suzdal in memory of Mikhail Botvinnik. The arbiter of this tournament is the 89 years old grandmaste... | Read More

    • In the Age-Old Tbilisi, part 2

      There are jokes in Tbilisi that during his illness, Tigran Petrosian took some beneficial drug, called "antidefeatine", and he crushes all his opponents with ease after that. He won 5 games out of 8 and drew such strong players as D. Bronstein, P.... | Read More

    • In the Age-Old Tbilisi, part 1

      Next installment in the series of Salomon Flohr's articles is dedicated to the 1959 USSR Championship won by Tigran Petrosian. The original report didn't include games, but I will post all the games he mentioned. In the Age-Old Tbilisi The Sovie... | Read More

    • The Nineteenth Soviet Grandmaster

      This article about Mikhail Tal was written by the famous Czech-Soviet Grandmaster and chess writer Salomon Flohr after Tal won his first USSR Championship in 1957. He was quite accurate in his prediction that Tal would eventually challenge Botvinn... | Read More

    • Mikhail Tal defeats the future FIDE president

      Annotations by Leonid Shamkovich, from his book Sacrifice in Chess. | Read More