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    • Botvinnik 100th anniversary party at Suzdal, part 3

      Part 1: Yuri Averbakh, Olga Botvinnik, Mark Taimanov http://blog.chess.com/Spektrowski/botvinnik-100th-anniversary-part-1 Part 2: Viktor Korchnoi, Evgeny Vasiukov http://blog.chess.com/view/botvinnik-100th-anniversary-party-at-suzdal-part-2 N. P... | Read More

    • Botvinnik 100th anniversary party at Suzdal, part 2

      Part 1, with speeches from Yuri Averbakh, Olga Botvinnik and Mark Taimanov, can be found here: http://blog.chess.com/Spektrowski/botvinnik-100th-anniversary-part-1 N. Polyanskikh: Our people have conquered Alps, time to time. First Suvorov used R... | Read More

      • Spektrowski
      • | Aug 22, 2011
    • Botvinnik 100th anniversary party at Suzdal, part 1

      Transcript of an almost 1.5-hour long video which can be found here: http://chessm.ru/vecher-posvyaschennyj-100-letiyu-mmbotvinnika/ GM Sergey Makarychev (from the screen): More than half a century ago, in Moscow, in the Pillar Hall of the House ... | Read More

    • Yuri Averbakh speaks about Mikhail Botvinnik

      Interview by Yuri Vasilyev, Sport-Express. 17 August 2011 http://others.sport-express.ru/reviews/15791/ A senior tournament is currently held in Suzdal in memory of Mikhail Botvinnik. The arbiter of this tournament is the 89 years old grandmaste... | Read More

    • In the Age-Old Tbilisi, part 2

      There are jokes in Tbilisi that during his illness, Tigran Petrosian took some beneficial drug, called "antidefeatine", and he crushes all his opponents with ease after that. He won 5 games out of 8 and drew such strong players as D. Bronstein, P.... | Read More

    • In the Age-Old Tbilisi, part 1

      Next installment in the series of Salomon Flohr's articles is dedicated to the 1959 USSR Championship won by Tigran Petrosian. The original report didn't include games, but I will post all the games he mentioned. In the Age-Old Tbilisi The Sovie... | Read More

    • The Nineteenth Soviet Grandmaster

      This article about Mikhail Tal was written by the famous Czech-Soviet Grandmaster and chess writer Salomon Flohr after Tal won his first USSR Championship in 1957. He was quite accurate in his prediction that Tal would eventually challenge Botvinn... | Read More

    • Mikhail Tal defeats the future FIDE president

      Annotations by Leonid Shamkovich, from his book Sacrifice in Chess. | Read More

    • Mikhail Tal. "Fortune smiles to the young", 1970

      64, issue 45, 1970. Tal's third (and final) report from Sochi. Either the masters have finally managed to acclimatize or their physical form was better than their venerable opponents', but the struggle in the last seven rounds was completely even... | Read More

    • Mikhail Tal. "Amplitude of the pendulum", 1970.

      64, issue 44, 1970. Second part of Tal's report. An original match between grandmasters and masters is almost equal, and there's some concrete proof for that. As the readers already know, the teams get White pieces by turns. And that's what is in... | Read More