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British Blitz Championship - practice!

Hi everyone. Just a quick blog post today. One of the big problems of playing many different types of chess (online bullet, blitz, rapid chess all the way up to a 'proper' 7 hour session) is that it can be hard to adjust to a new time control.

I've been playing a lot of 1min chess on this site recently but today I'm off to play in the British Blitz Championships and the time control is 3min +/2sec a move. With that in mind I've been playing games at this time control. Here is a win from a couple of days ago - not free from mistakes of course but I'm still fairly pleased with it...


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    I won a grading prize at the British Blitz champs , Toms tips and opening suggestions  helped a lot..


    thanks !Tom

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    IM Trendle

    @keyvann it can be accessed via: http://www.chess.com/blog/houdinisoft - the easiest way it to let your friends know the link. Otherwise they need to be tracking your posts (not 100% sure how to do that)

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    IM Trendle

    Thanks @Evan - I ended up finishing 3rd=

    @keyvann the easiest way is to write a blog post. To include a game in a block post click on the 'insert position or game' icon that looks like a chessboard. I copied/pasted in a PGN of the game into this that I downloaded from my 'live games archives'. I hope this helps!

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    That was a nice break-through with the Knight sacrifice. Well done. Good luck in the tournament.

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