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WestSlopeKid's Blog

    • "My Lost Love, Angel"...</3

      Well..basically it started out when Jenna was into to me at first for my kindness :), and she was nervous about telling me at first, but then we ended up talking about it (I was a little nervous too). Then we became content with our hearts to lov... | Read More

    • 3rd BEst comeback intense game

      So this guy lockled my queen to a rook and trapped my knight on a skewer to my queen so he ends up a full rook ahead but with a 3 piece attack on his king i start to get back.........game link-->click here | Read More

    • (1st) BEST COMebacK

      Alrite so i lost my queen and some pawns for a bishop and knight, but things start to turn around.......heres the game link-->click here | Read More

    • 2nd BEST Comeback

      Why and how did this guy let me win? I mean he had the game totally secure by leading a full rook and a couple of pawns. Here's the game link--> click here | Read More