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WindowsEnthusiast's Blog

    • Knight sacrifice swindle

      Like with many of my bullet chess games, I unnecessarily lost material early in the game. But this knight sacrifice is perhaps the most elegant I've ever played. | Read More

    • When two pawns on the seventh aren't stronger than a rook

      It is commonly accepted that two connected passed pawns on the 6th and/or 7th ranks are stronger than a rook. But there are always exceptions. Here they are no stronger than the rook, and a last-minute mistake by my opponent allowed the rook to pr... | Read More

    • Four minor pieces overpower a queen

      In this game, four minor pieces showed their power over a queen. Never think a threat to a queen will necessarily overpower all other threats. | Read More

    • First online chess game and blog post in years

      While I have still been playing live games, it has been a very long while since I played a correspondance game or posted to the blog. I don't plan to resume regular blogging due to time constraints, but for what it's worth: Then there also was o... | Read More

    • Back-rank knockout

      This game I played on playchess.com (sorry for not using Live Chess) involved a powerful knockout that sealed Black's fate after he missed a knockout of his own. | Read More

    • Cross-pin

      In this game, my opponent's blunder was allowing a cross-pin. | Read More

    • Model mate

      I achieved this position against the hardest level of Chess Titans as White: I believe it is a model mate because all of my pieces contribute, that for each of the king's possible escape squares, there is exactly one reason the king cannot move ... | Read More

    • Mating net

      Even in a boring endgame, still be sure not to walk into mating nets! | Read More

    • The ultimate blunder?

      I composed this position, with White to move. White has a huge variety of mates in one, and some more in a few more moves. There are two worst-possible moves, which force Black to mate White in three. | Read More

    • An exchange up in an endgame

      Being up an exchange is not easy nevertheless in the endgame. The trick here was to advance my pawn as far as possible, and prove that the diagonal was too short for White's bishop to defend the queening square. | Read More