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adamredsox24’s Chess Blog

Here I will discuss on-going events/things that I think is important. 

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      Hello everyone!! I am 28 years of age and living in Massachusetts. I recently started back into the game of chess and it is quite a fun one yet tiresome. I have always been fascinated about this game. My services: 1.     Web Site Creation ... | Read More

    • Web Site Creation Services

      Please take a look at http://www.adamswebsiteconsulting.com/ | Read More

    • My Games and Puzzles

      I will be embedding some games that I played or others have that I feel is quite important to share.  Content that I have already added prior to creating this blog, you can see them at http://www.chess.com/forum/my_topics.html. Additional/New Co... | Read More

    • Welcome to Our North Shore MA Chess Camp Website

      Upcoming Events: No Chess Club 4/08/2012. Chess Club Resumes 4/15/2012. Spring Open Chess Tournament With Prizes!!! 3 SS G/20. Entry fee: $10. 4/22/2012. For More Information See: http://mikhailschesscamp.webs.com/  | Read More