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Currently a lot of my old pals are experiencing this sort of handicap called dementia.  You tend to forget things occassionally.  As you grow older and your brain activity gets less and your lifestyle is quite abusive, you tend to have this issue. 

Playing analytical chess seem to me is one way in countering this problem.  The more you play and think, the more your brain maintain it's sharpness.  I believe this helped me maintain a good memory aside from reading books and other materials.  

Smoking any stuff whether it's a pot or cigarette tend to propel this villain.  Aside from alcohol and extra curricullar abusive activities will worsen it's effect. I may have reached the crossroad of my existence here on earth and it would be good for me to give an unsolicited advice to others.  The principle of "cause and effect" of Thomas Aquinas is real.  Nobody is excempted to this rule.  As the bible said "What you sow is what you reap".  Only time is makes difference.

Thanks to those who read may previous article entitled friendship.  I hope to get some comments on it.  Making it a priority will enhance the development of a good and joyfull spirit in your way of life.  It will also enable you to develop faster improvement in playing chess.  Why? because it erases the emotion of fear to loss and anxiety. It makes you think and decide more clearly.

God bless to everyone and glory be to Jesus Christ, may savior and sheperd.