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chess2Knights's Blog

    • November 14th Quads

      More unrated Quads at the Bay Shore Library in Bay Shore N.Y. on 11/14/2015. Free entry, modest prizes, game 45 no delay. Be there by 10 AM and sign in. More details at hd119@juno.com. | Read More


      More Quads at the Bay Shore Library in Long Island NY on 5/30/15. That is a Sat. No fees or memberships. Unrated. | Read More


      My second book has been revised. Book sells for $25 plus cost of shipping. | Read More

    • Happy New Year to All.

      Wishing all my friends and team mates a very happy New Year. | Read More

    • Merry Christmas to all

      Merry Christmas to all my friends and to all the teams I am on. Wishing you all a Happy NewYear as well. | Read More

    • Nov 1st 2014 Quads.

      Bay Shore, Library, Bay Shore NY. Sat, Reg 9:30-10 AM. Rds: 10:30, 1:00, 2:30. No entry fee. Not rated.   | Read More

    • New OTB tournament

      April 12th 2014. Bay Shore Library, Bay Shore NY. Quads ,Game/45. No entry fee, no memberships required and the event is non rated For more details contact me at hd119@juno.com | Read More

    • My OTB lessons

      My in person lessons go from $20 hour to $25 hour on Jan 1, 2013. | Read More

    • Third Edition

      Third and final edition of my book is now for sale. More games and more analysis. I still have some copies from the second printing which sells for $15 plus postage. New edition is $20 plus postage. Add $5 for postage/shipping and handling. | Read More

    • New Tournament

      Bay Shore Library, Sat  Oct 27th Reg: 9:30 AM to 10 AM. Quads, Rds 10:30,1 PM and 2:30 PM. Lunch 12-1 PM. No USCF or club membership needed. Unrated event with no entry fee but there will be an assortment of prizes for the winners of each Quad. T... | Read More