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My Chess Life

I have too much free time and I love chess

    • 100k problems done on CTS

      http://chess.emrald.net/tProfile.php?TacID=12735 Well I finally did it. This calls for a celebration. | Read More

    • 1800 on ICC 5-minute

      Yay me, just passed 1800 on the ICC 5 minute pool for the first time. I think this is mostly due to me no longer playing the King's Indian with black all the time, because I tend to lose most every game in it. The tepid waters of the QGD suit me m... | Read More

    • 1700 on CTS

      FINALLY hit 1700 rating on the chess tactics server. It only took 90399 tries! Woo! http://chess.emrald.net/tProfile.php?TacID=12735 Now if only I could get closer to my goal of 80% overall accuracy. | Read More

    • 1700 on ICC 5-minute.

      I really suck at blitz, but lately I've been trying to play more of it in hopes of improving. Today I broke 1700 for the first time in the 5-minute pool. 1800 here I come! | Read More

    • I like putting my knight on the rim.

      Recently I've been gravitating towards openings in which I am putting one of my knights on the edge of the board. I haven't been doing this intentionally, but in many variations of both the french and king's indian (which I play almost exclusively... | Read More

    • 70,000 problems done on CTS.

      Wow...I have wasted my life. http://chess.emrald.net/tProfile.php?TacID=12735 | Read More

    • A funny rapid game (annotated by me!)

      Here's a fun little game I played last night in the London Active Championship. I enjoyed playing it, and I made an interesting move which at the time I thought was a blunder, but fritz later gave it a "!". Go figure... | Read More

    • I suck in technical positions.

      These days in tournaments I am finding that I get excellent positions out of the opening. I am also playing the middlegame well enough to keep my excellent positions, a lot of them completely winning by the time the endgame comes around. However, ... | Read More

    • My christmas book wishlist

      I am impossible to buy christmas presents for. That being said, my family and friends always shower me with book store gift certificates, which suits me fine.  So many books so little time, but here is a list of the books I'm planning on buying... | Read More

    • Eric's New Years Chess Resolution

      I've joined the movement! For this year my goals are: -Break 1900 OTB -Do well at the London City Championships, hopefully win the lower section for the 2nd straight year. -Break 2000 in my club's internal blitz rating. | Read More