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jan the 1st

wow you were born on the 1st too , that's amazing ... no really it is your the 10 billionth person i seen on here born 1st of Jan.. now is it just laziness or do we have a lot of thoroughbred horse`s playing chess on here.. lolz lolz blinkin lolz


  • 6 years ago


    I don't know about the 1st of January, but the 2nd is even better than the 1st! : D


  • 6 years ago


    1st Jan...... a magic day , I say. First day in the year, first in anything in a chain of positive numbers.

    Do you have friends born on this day ?  I got one, a very good mate. We play chess as much as we can. A nice fellow he is.

  • 6 years ago


    it's like our birthdays are a magic decoder ring

    wonder what it spells out eh

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