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Sisters to battle it out in Round 3 of WWCC

   Round 3 will show sisters Tatiana and Nadezhda Kosintseva play eachother in a do or die death match.

   Tatiana - ranked 13 for women @ 2515


   Nadezhda - ranked 8 for women @ 2539.


   Who will win????


  • 22 months ago


    Game 2 and the result is still unclear..


    The winner of this match will be decided tonight on tie-breaks.

    Rules for the tie-breaks are as follows:

    2 rapid games ( 25minutes plus 10 sec increment )   if no winner;

    2 rapid games ( 10 minutes plus 10 sec increment )   if no winner;

    2 blitz games ( 5 minutes plus 3 sec increment )     if no winner;

    Armageddon ( white must win , black only needs to draw )

  • 22 months ago


    The first game has ended in a draw. With Black choosing to play the Caro-Kann, it turned out that whites defenses were too strong.


  • 22 months ago



  • 22 months ago


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