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mobidi's Blog

                                                                   After  four games


This match reminds me the great match of Capablanca Vs Alekhine. Topalov playing as Alekhine and Anand as Capablanca.  I see the typical Capablanca style in second, third and especialy in fourth game.In second game Anand showed for us perfect enspiele in Capablanca style, in third game he showed good concalidation and finaly- fourth game he showed us a “litlle combination” of   A La Capablanca. V.Topalov was hero only in first game( I  think that Anand choice to use Gruenfeld defence was bad). Conclusion : Now i see BIG CAPABLANCA(ANAND) and LITLLE  ALEKHINE(TOPALOV).Importan question to Topalow is, how to become BIG ALEKHINE. Answer is simple-don’t look  at the book and CREATE,CREATE,CREATE. Don’t let Anand feel  confortable, prepare original puzzles for him.

examples :