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    • Chess Books Cheap: Ebay!

      I rarely buy books new anymore since I've discovered I can get books in great quality for about half the price on ebay!  There are also some old gems that you can't buy new anymore!  Sometimes it takes a little hunting to find th... | Read More

      • travis1010
      • | Jul 21, 2007
      • | 1 comment
    • Edward Lasker vs George Alan Thomas

      I came across the ending of this game in a tactics book (Sharpen Your Tactics) and I had to know how the position came about.  I think this miniature is a great example of the minor pieces working together in a very nice mating net... enjoy ... | Read More

      • travis1010
      • | Jul 9, 2007
    • My Favorite FREE Chess Links

      As my first blog, I figured I would take the time to put down some of my favorite links to useful FREE chess websites.  They are in no particular order: Predator at the Chess Board - Great free tactics ebook that you dont even have to downloa... | Read More

      • travis1010
      • | Jul 6, 2007