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My Second Game for the First Team - 1.b3!? - Lost :/

Earlier tonight I played for my club's top team on board 6 and my opponent's grade was 144 ECF (1802 FIDE equ.)... I lost. But we were outclassed on all 6 boards they even had an almost WFM (only 24 Elo/FIDE away) on board 2 so goodness knows how strong their board 1 was...

Anyway here's the game - it starts very well...



Well although I lost, my opponent shook my hand and said I was the strongest 116 ECF he'd ever played and said he had to work very hard to find all the accurate moves so I was happy with his compliament! Cool

At the end of the day, he is and was the stronger player and thoroughly deserved his win in my eyes. I knew I was signing up for a loss anyway, I didn't expect to win but I still went in all-guns blazing, just for the fun of the game and crucial high-level experience of course! Wink


  • 3 years ago


    Ok good luck in that quest....

    I look forward to seeing all that work gaining a stunning County victoryCool

  • 3 years ago


    Blackpool I can't do because of logistics and money etc...

    I'll definitely never stop playing 1.b3! as just like you said it suits my style of play and it is really fun to play aswell, I can't spend every single game with white playing just 1.d4 as much as I love that move, and looking at my calender I'm due to have 2-3 games with black in a row now Wink

    Kf1 move although couter-intuative, is a winning move in the Kings Gambit after a Qh4+ Cool - although I don't play 1.e4 in rated games, I know enough about 1.e4 openings and lines to play it, but I go with 1.d4 simply because I enjoy playing those positions more! I can safely say I wouldn't have played Kf1 in this game though!! Laughing

    After listening to your advice and the advice of a few other good players and friends I have on here, I'm watching a series on youtube by NM aww-rats (his avatar and he's on chess.com) about becoming a Master... not just about becoming a Master outright, but the steps inbetween, thought processes, changes to certain thought processes, steps ANYONE can take to up their game... inspiring stuff... ;

    I have a match playing for the County's u150 squad on Saturday and just analyzing this game in depth, along with watching the NM's videos and the chess.com lectures will be enough preparation so I can get my first victory for the County under my belt! Money Mouth (hopefully!)

  • 3 years ago


    By the way my software suggests Kf1!? As preference to Qf3 or NF3:))

  • 3 years ago


    Indeed b3 is a useful weapon it seems to serve you well. Are you going to the Blackpool Congress we have a few from our club going it is a good fixture (expensive though) and good venue? Cheers

  • 3 years ago


    Yeah in a way it is a shame that I lost this but losing to someone with an 1800+ FIDE equ. grade (144 ECF) isn't going to put me off my stride - just make me work harder Wink

    All our team were greatly outgraded on every board and our opponents are 3rd place in the OCL Division 1 so a force to be reckoned with.

    That's the first time I've lost a game after winning the e5 pawn, so I will be doing some further analysis on this line before playing it again against a much stronger player. He did gain very good counterplay I was very suprised how quick he was gaining tempos off me just like I was gaining time everywhere against my 1300 rated opponent last week.

    Thanks for the constructive comment - when I do my thourough analysis this week I will have your comment up on the side for reference thanks for posting it up! Cool

  • 3 years ago


    Hi PUPTV, this one is a real shame, once again you played really well, gained a very quick opening advantage (I cannot believe his early pawn loss was a gambit!) and you could well have committed another giant killing. Einstein refused to play chess, as he said just one tiny mistake and your game is ruined lol. What surprised me looking at this game is the amount of counterplay black gets for that pawn.

    It is obviously easy for us to make comments after the battle but for what it's worth here are a couple of thoughts I had.

    I agree with Arber that Bc3 loses a tempo after the exchange and obviously his rook is now placed on the dreaded 2nd rank affording him great power and effectively a winning advantage.....But if you saw it coming you could not allow black to control the e file full stop, so had to challenge this file prior.

    One of his big compensations for the pawn loss is that you can see where that annoying queenside pony is going to move to, so very early on when he moved his Queen ....Qg5, did you consider Nf3 rather than Qf3? The reason being, the Queen is protecting the c2 square and if he does take the g pawn then Rg1 drives the queen away and you still have the rook and lovely dark squared bishop able to mop up the g7 square if you want a really sharp game, so both of you can't castle Kingside lol, but in addition your knight does not have to develop to a3 without at least making black have to move a piece. the knight should ideally be on c3 (even with the fianchettoed Bishop) or d2 (knight on the rim dim etc) and you will have the option to drive his knight away if it does insist on making a nuisance of itself. The reason I mention this is that it is a mistake I have made on many occasions - whenever possible 'take the game' to your opponent - he is making you defend that g2 square whilst removing a defender from the c2, turn the tables on him whenever you can, i.e. try and make him respond to YOU and your plan. He is now forced to move his queen and if he doesn't take the pawn it renders his last move a bit odd at the worst case and if he does he has just moved the queen three times when you then remove it with Rg1 even without regaining the pawn but having better development. I know it is a different game but just a thought.


  • 3 years ago


    Yeah thanks for having a look I knew I went wrong somewhere but look at the rating difference...

    I wasn't expecting anything spectacualr, just gaining experience Wink

  • 3 years ago


    19. Bc3?! I find it weak. You have to move back again that bishop so you lost a tempo, right?

    Somehow you should have thought of a solid position for the bishop. You also know that Nxc2 is coming sooner or later and you cannot hold your pawn structure solid so 19. f6 is a good option:
    1. Protects g7 bishop
    2. Frees the rook from protecting it
    3. Is a permanent tension on the black kingside. 

    So the game line would go like:


     Good game though, with several great moves (!). 

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