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    • Edinburgh University 2 v Edinburgh West 2

      | Read More

    • Edinburgh West 2 v Bank of Scotland 2

      I love beating Bank of Scotland, because I hate banks. (Nothing personal - as John Steinbeck says, the bank can be evil despite only good people working for it.) A nice start to the new league. | Read More

    • Edinburgh 4 v Edinburgh West 2

      My win against David Cubitt of Edinburgh Chess Club, in our final game of the season. A good season for me, with some nice wins and draws against higher-rated opponents, one or two losses and at least one absolute clunker of a loss. Edinburgh ... | Read More

    • Bank of Scotland 2 v Edinburgh West 2

      My game in our local league match against Bank of Scotland's second team last night. | Read More

    • Edinburgh West 2 v Edinburgh University

      I haven't been getting round to blogging my games much this season (I think I've got 3 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss so far), but I'm quite proud of this one. | Read More

    • Edinburgh West 2 v Dunbar

      This was followed by a barrage of backhanded compliments from my opponent along the lines of "I can't believe I was stupid enough to lose that!" I like the KID because it's better than it looks, especially after opening the kingside, which is... | Read More

    • Bank of Scotland 3 v Edinburgh West 2

      My game from Edinburgh West 2 v Bank of Scotland 3. I haven't been very good about posting my games this season - partly because I haven't been very good about playing them - but this one was enjoyable, and a good result for me. | Read More

    • Lothians Congress 2013

      My games from the Minors section of the 2013 Lothians Congress. I got 3 points out of five games: two wins, two draws, and one of those annoying little idiosyncracies that is neither a win nor a draw. I got diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis last... | Read More

    • Tipperlinn Allegro 2013

      Today there was a friendly tournament of 25-minute Allegro games at the Tipperlinn Bowling Club, home of the Civil Service chess team. Rather than one big Swiss tournament, we were split into five groups of six players and played all-play-all wit... | Read More

    • Johnny Marr Allegro 2013

      Johnny Marr (1917-2011) was a noted club player in Edinburgh. I did not know him well but did play him in league matches a couple of times. Once, just at the point when I thought I had a winnable position against him but was very nervous about blu... | Read More