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SpaceOddity's Odd Blog

    • fun with sore losers 2

      another loser has been blogged! Thanks to all the haters!  This guy should change his handle to EZZY b/c he's so easy. here's the game...Q-forkage! | Read More

    • fun with sore losers

      Here's a screenshot of my latest win against sore loser, Diadamian.  gotta love sore losers!  hilarious.  this made my day.   here's the game, but see the comment he made below! | Read More

    • Chess Video--Why NOT to talk trash

      In this video, I beat ThunderoftheRook in 3 0 and then he insults me.  I show exactly what he said when he insulted me and then I expose him for who he is-- the President of the Metro Phoenix Chess Club !  He also seems to think he's qualified t... | Read More

      • SpaceOddity
      • | May 23, 2012
    • Video--1 0 vs 2100 !

        Watch what happens when you play a crappy opening against Space Oddity! | Read More

    • My first video!

      Here's a video of me play 1 0 against a 2000+ player.   | Read More

    • How to refute the Scandinavian Gambit?

      I hate this opening for White.  This opening annoys the heck out of me, if for no other reason than that Black clearly doesn't feel like learning (what i consider) a "real" opening, so instead, Black plays this crap.  This MUST be bad.  When... | Read More

    • "Jackass...Noplayed for bieng a moron"

      That was the comment sent to me by JohnColtrane on ICC.  He said this after a game where I crushed his silly opening.  I did not say or do anything to provoke his comment, but he's typical of the kind of sore loser you can find on ICC.  This w... | Read More

    • VIDEO: World Cup greatest highlights

      | Read More

    • The Passion of Luis Suarez

      http://bleacherreport.com/articles/417227-the-passion-of-luis-suarez Here is a great article critisizing FIFA and Suarez for the despicable handball. For my own thoughts, see my blog posts on soccer    Why I hate soccer, part 1 Why I hate s... | Read More

    • Best World Cup *EVER* ??

      This is the greatest World Cup EVER... if you absolutely HATE soccer.  If you LOVE bad calls, if you love CHEATING, if you love INJUSTICE.  This year's World Cup has so many atrocities, it's hard to keep track!  For more, check out my blog p... | Read More