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    • Game of the day 29.6.15

      Proud of the following game because it was pretty much error free on my part.  Dear readers, hope you will enjoy the game and it's annotations.  | Read More

    • Winning the won game.

      Strangely, it's not easy to win a game of chess when one is in a winning position. There are a few reasons why this is so: 1) underestimating or allowing counterplay from one's opponnet 2) Your mind starts to become lazy and miss simple tactics... | Read More

    • The London Squeeze.

      The following game illustrates the dangers of underestimating the London System as Black. 'Natural' looking moves sometimes can get one into trouble. | Read More

    • A Great Torre Win!

      Won a beautiful game using the Torre Attack.  Enjoy.  | Read More

    • Another chess book finished

        I managed to finished the above book recently and found it useful. Even though the illustrated games are rather old (the opening moves are not as strong as modern times) but the positional ideas still work. Irving Chernev writes some nice po... | Read More

    • Checkmate by en-passant!

      The title says it all.  The game's standard was probably that of club level, but I was quite proud with the way I managed to limit my opponent's counterplay with good positional moves after he had made some tactical oversights. Enjoy! | Read More

    • A good analysis acronym to improve one's chess.

      Browsing through some chess books recently I came across a very useful chess Acronym  STOPS. from Elements of Chess Strategy By Alexei Kosikov    1. Self control  2. Tactics  3. Objective analysis  4. Prophylaxis- ie, what are your... | Read More

    • The longest positional game i have played this year.

      I may have won because my opponent was bored to tears and briefly lost concentration. In any case, it was really a looong game. | Read More

    • Tired and burnt out.

      Okay, it's official. I need to cut down even more on chess. Recently I have loss my interest somewhat.. Positions don't really excite me as before. Or maybe it's cause I haven't really had a good game to blog about in days.. Solution? 1) Limiti... | Read More

    • Back to 1700!

      So I had a bit of a dip in form in which my elo dropped a 100 points to 1650 ish, but thankfully I have recovered somewhat. What was the cause? I have thought of 2 main reasons  1) nursing a flu  2) playing WAY too much chess.  To prevent a ... | Read More