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    • I'm a dad!

      My first born son was born on the 17th Feb @ 1600h. Right before he was born I played the following game and I think it was appropriate to dedicate this humble game to him.  | Read More

    • a solid win

      Quite proud of the way I played this game. =) Enjoy. | Read More

    • A wonderful attack

      domination over the light squares. Enjoy. | Read More

    • A lovely attacking miniature in the French Tarrasch Variation

      It's chess games like this which puts me to sleep with a smile on my face.  | Read More

    • A game to be proud of.

      Really proud of the way I played the following game. Stockfish 5 confirmed that I didn't make any gross errors on my part (that is to say, giving away the advantage) Enjoy | Read More

    • Interlude

      Having spent 4 training sessions with my IM trainer, I already can feel a slight improvement in the way that I play. I understand my openings a bit better, and my evaluation of middle game positions are more sound. Granted, I may not have the time... | Read More

    • My only loss for today.

      Lesson to learn here:  1) always be looking out for tactics tactics tactics | Read More

    • Keep fighting.

      Enjoy! | Read More

    • Bad bad day of chess.

      5 games, 4 losses and 1 draw.  Many winning chances blown.  A terrible day for me Lessons to learn here:  1) I need to better manage my time.  2) Not to panic or get discourage even when I have blown a winning position but to keep fightin... | Read More

    • An opening that nearly costed me.

      Lessons to be learnt on both myself and my opponent mistakes from the following game. 1. Don't be afraid of 'strong' looking moves, look deeper into the position and find a refutation if possible.  2. Don't just play 'strong' looking moves witho... | Read More