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    • a nice miniature in the modern defence.

      I was quite impressed by the tactics inside this game I decided I had to post it as a blog.  Enjoy. | Read More

    • It's been a while..

      It's nice to blog about chess after a long hiatus. I've been busy trying to reorganise my life especially ever since I finished my exams. Also, I haven't exactly been playing good chess recently, hence my lack of good quality games to blog about. ... | Read More

    • A good London game.

      | Read More

    • A nice miniature

      Sometimes, you just know that which piece is holding your opponents position together and worth making that material sacrifice to break thru.   As it is in the following game.  | Read More

    • Up's and Downs of Chess

      Recently I've been struggling in terms of results and ratings. However,I take heart in knowing that even the world's best struggle sometimes with form. (Carlsen at the recent Norway Open for example)   I am still confident that if I put my time... | Read More

    • Nice 150 Attack in the Pirc Defence

      It's always nice to win against higher rated opposition.  | Read More

    • A crushing Torre Attack

      A nice win using the Torre Attack. There were some slight inaccuracies but overall the game showcases the dangers of the Torre System.    | Read More

    • Game of the day 29.6.15

      Proud of the following game because it was pretty much error free on my part.  Dear readers, hope you will enjoy the game and it's annotations.  | Read More

    • Winning the won game.

      Strangely, it's not easy to win a game of chess when one is in a winning position. There are a few reasons why this is so: 1) underestimating or allowing counterplay from one's opponnet 2) Your mind starts to become lazy and miss simple tactics... | Read More

    • The London Squeeze.

      The following game illustrates the dangers of underestimating the London System as Black. 'Natural' looking moves sometimes can get one into trouble. | Read More