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think_fast’s Blog

    • Lovin' poetry?

      My first book is currently on sale for your kindle! Also paperback on Amazon or Barnes & Noble (whatever you prefer).  Enjoy! #poetry #poems #writing | Read More

    • Philosophical Poetry, Reflections and Prose

      And some drunk poems :) | Read More

    • #poetry #prose #proverbs

      Check out my book recently released on Amazon.com. Thanks to all the support I am currently #3 in Hispanic American writers! http://www.amazon.com/Word-Mixtape-Perfection-Odd-Beto-ebook/dp/B00K6IRZCC/ref=zg_bs_6361444011_4 | Read More

    • Book Release!

      My book of poetry, prose and proverbs is officially released as an E-book! Please check out Word Mixtape (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00K6IRZCC) and get yourself a digital copy for $5! Hard copy is in the works for you and will be available soon . | Read More

    • Poetry: thinking and saying nothing

      And I role play, mentally, saying what I mean to say with condor never uttering anything. Still look for facial acceptance or rejection when she didn’t hear a thing. | Read More

    • I'll be releasing a poetry E-Book by the end of the month

      stay tuned. It will be a short and sweet collectible of the experiences of a young thinker.  some of my work is on here:  perfectionisodd.tumblr.com | Read More

    • Odd

      Two gasps for air and 10 tears later,I’m awakened from being tethered to everything I fear in attempt to avoid becoming what I hate, how weird. perfectionisodd.tumblr.com | Read More

    • A Wave of Words #poetry

      With a mind of clusters The words explode out tsunami like Eating, Swallowing And Overpowering its belongings; Non-stop flows of acid Knowing no boundary As deep as any em-ocean. Blind and blunted as one can see. Practicing infinity with... | Read More

    • originality lacks formality #poetry

      Odd representations we know not how to see as we’ve expected due to prior engagements, A particular breed.  When hard to see, Glasses come down, are folded and put into the shirt pocket. The reading is put aside, You have the grandfather... | Read More

    • Now lets begin

      Asking every question and expecting every answer is ideal,Not knowing what to ask and having answers who fall short is reality. Thinking of the great idea and invention creatively is perfect mentally,Bringing the concept to the world via speaking... | Read More