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think_fast’s Blog

    • A Wave of Words #poetry

      With a mind of clusters The words explode out tsunami like Eating, Swallowing And Overpowering its belongings; Non-stop flows of acid Knowing no boundary As deep as any em-ocean. Blind and blunted as one can see. Practicing infinity with... | Read More

    • originality lacks formality #poetry

      Odd representations we know not how to see as we’ve expected due to prior engagements, A particular breed.  When hard to see, Glasses come down, are folded and put into the shirt pocket. The reading is put aside, You have the grandfather... | Read More

    • Now lets begin

      Asking every question and expecting every answer is ideal,Not knowing what to ask and having answers who fall short is reality. Thinking of the great idea and invention creatively is perfect mentally,Bringing the concept to the world via speaking... | Read More

    • The bad days-#artists-#poetry

      You see, the words come, come, come.  Tomorrow they’ll run, run, run.  And the next day I’ll forget, think about the things I thought about and how they don’t mean shit.  Still I note them down, aggressively and desperately while ang... | Read More

    • The Cocktail #poetry

      The light shines bright In the yellowish black mist Of the night. Blurry vision and scattered plots arise in tastes from a melting pot of instances. Hair style in angles no one could ever picture sleeping in. All the while The fun and... | Read More

    • The escape-Poetry

      Drink the water as if it were not drunk before.Eat as if you never have eaten in the past.Love like you’re last day will pass tonight.Dream with dreams of dreams of dreams… like you’ll never come down from flight.Think as if you’ve never t... | Read More

    • Being

      To give into an owner,  I would have never thought I would be thinking that at the time I am theirs , ”I’m not a thing.” Then the speed increases of being, like creases in a shirt, clear, classy and extrovert.  I am everything; omnipot... | Read More

    • The concept, then poetry.

      I start off with a vision. The story struggles neatly. I’m confronted by reason.           Some lines are crossed before me. Like seasons and seasoning the words depend on the taste of the evening. Calling, feigning, dreamy, concr... | Read More

    • Be your Superhero.

      Believe in the champion you see in all your fantasies. The man and woman in vivid dreams and since most dreams are faceless go ahead and picture yourself in them. Most often you’re successful and take risks for the best, living for self fulfil... | Read More

    • No cruise control. #poetry

      Sometimes I write about what I think. Sometimes I think of what I write. Other times I write what I once thought. Other times I thought of what I once wrote. No matter what I’ve thought to write or what I actually wrote, each and every time ... | Read More