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What is the best ereader for pdf chess books?

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    Well, I had purchased the Simon Williams 'ebook' on the Dutch and the people on his blog clearly say things like: "There is a way to play through games with PDF text. If you have Adroid smartphone or a tablet see this app: Chess Book Study".

    But of course, I don't have an Android or Smartphone or iPad. I mentioned that all I have is your basic Windows laptop and so far no one is following up. It seems like if they are right about the Android Smartphone being able to play through games with the PDF text, surely that could be done with Windows. I tried to download 'Chess Book Study' program and google play will not let me saying I am not downloading it to a supported device.

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    You cannot play through games which are in PDF format.

    They games need to be PGN's. 

    Try Everyman - the books are windows compatible. You can read them on anything, a chess engine such as - Fritz, Hiarcs, Chess X, whatever. You could also download the everyman reader which is free.


    You can download free samples of the books to try.

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    Hi leavenfish. I tried 'chess book study' app on my tablet. It's basically a PDF reader with a 'board' added at the bottom of the page. Unfortunately though, it's just a static board- its doesn't automatically play what's being said in the text. It's still you who will manually set the position up if if, say, the text starts in the mid game. As my tablet's display is just 7 inch, studying with this app is irritating at best. I think reading with PDF and using an actual board would be better alternative for us. PS... you will not be able to install android apps to windows. Anyway don't bother with the app, actual board is way better when studying with PDFs.

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    I have the everyman chess reader on my tab. Like what other's have said, it's good as it links you up to purchase their eBook automatically. The only thing that's holding me off from purchasing their book is their price- still pricey and defeats the purpose of me embracing an reader.

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    try this one. Load your pgn, then open with this android app


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    Thanks ernestosimo01.

    Still, on my PC I would like to be able to play thru the variations on such a board...might not be automatic, but it would be a quick way to look at the line and see if it was one I wanted to study later on.

    If anyone knows of such a reader FOR A WINDOWS PC (not android or iPad), do let me know.

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    Which pdf viewer for tablets (specifically Android) will allow me to read the pdf like a book?  

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        Hey gundamv; you asked me a question about renewals on pay-pal. Did you get my reply??  I'm just trying to save you some aggravation. 

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    I believe tablets come preinstalled with PDF readers and the experience is the same for all PDF apps. I'm just beginning to learn that eBook is different from PDF. EBook reader app will let you read stuff like a book.

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    Why not install the Chessbase reader on a computer, which is free, and buy .cbh e-books instead?

    It can read PGN files too.


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    Apart from Everyman Chess, which publishers sell ebooks in cbh format?

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    E+ app with OSx (i.e. iPads, iPhones, etc..)

    Clean, Crisp, diagram,... You can with an iPad read the books, and see the board update as you go through the books.

    Nothing better

    Unfortunately, not a lot of choice, books to choose from.

    I am not sure if it is available for Android.

    Hope this helps.

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    I like Adobe reader to read a chess book and win board to make moves.

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    fburton wrote:

    Apart from Everyman Chess, which publishers sell ebooks in cbh format?

    Guess I've been looking at only Everyman Books

    Looks to me all of the Chess Informants are too, but this stuff is high level.

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    Thanks, that's what I thought.

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