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Dejan Bokjov: Complex Positions: Bishop vs. Knight Part 1

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    I think there's a mistake or at least an equally good move in this position, the penultimate of the lesson.

    Is my analysis wrong or does Bf2 indeed immediately win? If I am correct, can the lesson be changed to add the move as an alternate?

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    I'm trying to see why I'm completely blind. Well that explains it, thanks! Smile

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    Huitzilopochtli is a lame and pathetic sandbagger. Nothing more.

    Every clown that must pretend to be 300-400 points lower than what he can play in order to win the odd game should be removed from this site instantly. Too many of these clowns here already.  Doing this is the equivalent of beating up kindergarden kids when you're in High school. Something only the most degenerated, weak and pathetic characters would partake in. You get the picture. 

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