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1. e4 e6 2. d4 c5!?

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    an alapin sicilian player would be happy to play c3

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    tmkroll wrote:

     Maybe you have the book since you're calling it Barcza-Larsen.

    yep have it ... and technically it seems the Barcza-Larsen is ONLY the 3 ... dxe5 variation,

    http://www.365chess.com/search_result.php?search=1&m=6&n=1888&ms=e4.e6.d4.c5.d5.exd5&bid=7853 is a good set of games by Drazic.

    Notice as I said Kings Bishop goes e7 then back to f8 after castling.  Looks like Drazic values the Queen Bishop more than others, which is my experience.  Also Queen knight tends to come out a6-c7 adding pressure on to the e5 pawn as well as supporting a b5 thrust if c4 has been played ... but Drazic seems to like it going d7-f8-g7 and since he is 2400 and I am not ...

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    Thank you for giving necessary information and resources on this line.. !!! :)

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