Dodging the Veresov Attack

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    As white, I would probably never considered Nxe4. d5 or even f3 looks interesting instead

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    I hope you mean 4. d5 followed by f3. Since 4. f3? is met with 4...cxd4 when you are a pawn down for nothing.

    I hardly find this a simple solution to whites problems though. Making a pawnsacrifice where it's unclear if you have enough compensation. 

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    Yeah, guess it's wise to toss in d5 first ;)

    Didn't you do some nice analysis in another Veresov thread? Was it on the c5 move?

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    I've posted a lot of stuff about the veresov on this site before. Unfortunately I don't remember the threads I posted analysis on.

    I did actually make a thread myself, specifically about 2...c5 two years ago. However there I just asked how to deal with it in public, not really providing much analysis, rather just example lines to demonstrate points.

    In the end of the thread I thought 4. Bb5+ would be a decent solution to whites problems, with the idea to meet 4...Bd7 with 5. dxc5. Later I discovered that 4. Bb5+ Nc6 5. d5 a6 is still rather annoying for white.

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    What I don't get is that if you're going to end up playing a bunch of French Defenses and you aren't willing or interested in playing the best 1.d4 stuff, why not just play 1.e4 and at least get in some "fun" open & semi-open games?

    There is no good way around learning good stuff. If you avoid the main lines of either d4 or e4, you aren't doing yourself any favors.

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    I often recommended playing the veresov to my students which have been playing 1...e4 previously.

    The point being that it's good to have a secondary opening to turn to if you are for example facing an expert in the sicilian. The veresov is nice in the way that you can learn it very quickly. It also provides more unbalanced positions compared to other system openings and doesn't give black as many options due to the forcing nature of 2. Nc3.


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