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Is sicilian defence playable for beginners?

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    Yes "that kid" exists, however I really doubt I still have the moves to the game I played against him. Basicaly I blundered and a few moves latter--when I assume his book ran out-- he lost badly from a won position. I suppose he could have been cheating with a database and not an engine, but I don't know why anyone would do that.

    Has this not happened to anyone else?

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    You mostly learn by trying - and losing - so try the Sicilian if you want. My limited experience is it's tough to play for Black at a somewhat more than beginner level. As others have posted, if you are still hanging pieces or losing by other blunders, then openings might not be the best use of your study time.

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    TurboFish escribió:

    Beginners should definitely try the Sicilian defense, but as most have heard, it is very sharp(dangerous for both sides).  There is lots of theory (one of the most heavily analyzed openings) to learn if you want to play it in tournaments.  I am currently studying it again after having abandoned it many years ago after repeatedly getting severely mauled on the black side of it.  It seems to be more dangerous for black than for white.  But then again, if you absolutely need a win with black against 1.e4, or if you love wild unbalanced tactical posistions, this is probably the best bet.  Get "Starting Out: The Sicilian" by John Emms -- I love this book.

    Oh no no no no!

    Sicilian is the  VERY LAST opening I would recommend for a beginner

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