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Mistake In the Opening?!! You Are Gone

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    Wrong opening Can lead to a disaster.. I want to share this game with you . ,where my strong opponent made 2-3 mistake in the opening and got the treatement

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    How was it?

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    Well, Black was having a bad day, wasn't he?  2...a6 looks like a complete time-waster, and 3...d6 seems the only consistent move. Black sacrifices a pawn for development. It's a poor gambit, but at least it has some logic to it.

    But White wasn't as accurate as he could have been either. 5.Nc3 is stronger than 5,Bg5, although White does have a big advantage either way.  You didn't put a question mark on 7..Nb4, but it's a terrible move--a time-wasting one-move threat that's easily met. And 9...Nc2 cements the loss for Black.

    This isn't a case of a couple of slips in the opening losing the game. There was a steady stream of errors that send Black's game from poor to bad to worse to lost

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    ya. Nb4 was also a terrible

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