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Scandinavian "Declined" 2.e5

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    I consider the BDG a good way to practice tactics from a 1600-2200 level but I don't think it's sound when played on the second move. And unless someone has a game-changing modification after that, it's a done deal. Throwing away an important central pawn that early, when your opponent is in a good position is reckless.


    That said, there are transpositions from other openings like the London and Trompowsky that lead to BDG positions where White gets an extra tempo. These look sound, from where I'm sitting. The Tromp is a playable enough opening that can win tournaments at all levels and GMs use the BDG within the Tromp (including Kasparov). White has been winning a lot of games from this. So for now it appears to be sound when arrived at situationally from other d4 openings, as a reaction to certain types of commitments that Black makes.


    So I think keeping it as a tool for certain situations that arise from d4 is good. Forcing the issue with 1.d4 d5 2.e4 is not as good. I only do it because I can't guarantee my opponent will give me a chance to play it if I do 2.Bg5, and I could get stuck with a very dull positional game instead. My goal is to improve right now, not necessarily to pay the mortgage. When I get to a certain point I expect I'll shift over to 2.Bg5 or 2.Nf3 more from 2.e4


    The situation with 2.e5 against the Scandinavian is analogous in some ways. Black has not committed his king's pawn to e6 yet, which is the difference between it being a good move and a bad one. Under certain situations, an e4-e5 push is just groovy for White. Against the Scandinavian is not one of those situations, and forcing the issue here is much like trying to force e4 on the second move in a Queen's pawn opening.

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    Why not 5...Bg4? Bad bishop is gone and Black can make White choose between either protecting his pawn on e5 or on b4.

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    If amateurs worried about practical endings as much as obscure openings we'd all be masters by now.

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    ponz111 wrote:

    this opening happens in the french after the following moves..

    with obscure compensation for the pawn, in my experience playing against this position, white's compensation gives him barely an = game, most of the threats are superficial...direct, but his lead in development makes up for that. The position is roughly = in my opinion, and like BEES says, why not 5..Bg4?, it is definitely an improvement over the french continuation move order line, so....

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    hiredgun777 wrote:
    melvinbluestone wrote:
    hiredgun7 wrote:

    It's funny, but nobody seems to want to take that pawn anymore!!!

    But that's the point..... black doesn't take the pawn!?  Am I in some alternate universe here?!  After 3.b4 ..... what's black's plan?

    Lol, I was referring to the d5 pawn. 

    Yeah it is funny and your alone on this one.

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    Sorry but the Black  move of c4 is misguided as much as the White move e5.

    Here is the basic rule, do not move a pawn twice in the opening unless you have a very good reason.

    Black's move 1. e4  d5  2. e5?  c5! is not a greedy grab for the center, It is just the best move available and gives Black a slight advantage.

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    -BEES- wrote:

    Why not 5...Bg4? Bad bishop is gone and Black can make White choose between either protecting his pawn on e5 or on b4.

    This line came up in a blitz game. It was pretty funny......

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    "Why not 5...Bg4? Bad bishop is gone and Black can make White choose between either protecting his pawn on e5 or on b4."

         Even better if black grabs the pawn on e5........


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    Apparently, I was too cautious in my initial assessment. 3.B4 seems to win for white in all variations......

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    Ok, don't clobber me..... I don't seriously think this is a good line for white. I just like posting funny games that miraculously turn out in my favor.

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    This was a very amusing miniature. Thank you for sharing this with us :)

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