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What is the worst first move for White? The UNBIASED thread, all trolls welcome

  • 11 months ago · Quote · #61


    1. white resigns


    cant argue with this guys...its objectively the worst move...you might argue 'more free time at the hotel bar' compensation but lets remember that this exists outside of the isloated system of the chess game.

  • 11 months ago · Quote · #62


    f3 got to be the worst where resigning is just refusal to play for white as for black though resigning  is the worst move. logic before refutation  fiveofswords. 

  • 11 months ago · Quote · #63


    Resigning isn't really a move so...


    Any knight move kind of develops it and any other pawn move may have more positive effects.

  • 11 months ago · Quote · #64


    and I thought Chuck Norris was white.
  • 11 months ago · Quote · #65


    He can't be white.

  • 11 months ago · Quote · #66


    bobyyyy wrote:

    1. P-KB3 is not wise in my opinion.

    Descriptive Notation is still alive!!!

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