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How is Levon Aronian number 2 in the worl if most notable games show him losing?

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    fabelhaft wrote:

    The Anand vs Aronian argument seems to be that Aronian can't well be better than Anand today since his better tournament results, higher rating and clear edge head to head are less important, as is the fact that Anand hasn't exactly been unbeatable lately either, and lost eight games this year, playing less than Aronian.

    A better measure should be how many notable games where Aronian lost the users at Chessgames.com have in their game collections :-) The latter I think may partly be influenced by the fact that someone usually has to play great chess to beat Aronian, so his losses are often great games.

    The notable games part was what made me ask this question. I like your reasoning for this. I totally agree with you.

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    Count the number of members from Anand's country in this thread.

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    Aronian doesn't always lose, but when he does, he does it spectacularly.

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    royalbishop wrote:

    Count the number of members from Anand's country in this thread.

    none so far.

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    Like to start the "Not a fan of Anand" Club.

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