connection always crashes for live chess

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    Anyone know whats the problem with the constant connection crashes on live chess games.  I was thinking about getting a premium membership until I saw this.  I played on another website without a single crash. 

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    coulndt agree with you a premium player but it makes no difrence.the aggravating thing is i cant get any technical help from

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    Hi guys. Sorry you're seeing crashes!

    What browsers and operating systems are you using?

    How often would you say your connection cuts out?  

    Can you also give me a general location that you're in?

    Does this happen more at a certain time of day?

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    hi.i have this problem and it can occur5-10times in 45minute game.My lag time is always very slow BUT only on with live chess.Myconnections with other parts of are fine and I dont have this problem with other chee websites.My os is both xp2000 and/or windws7 and ive tried with internet explorer and firefox but it makes no difference.i have submitted this problem to the 'help and support'people but no reply.Perhaps you could emphasise to them that this problem is not unique and for hpoefully an answer.Many thanks.Rudi......p.s  happens anytime and most games.Im in Sydney Australia

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    i use windows 8.1 and i have a lot of trouble with livechess. While starting the games i see a loading and a disconnect messages. Afterwards i was blamed for disconnection.

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    Its frustrating to loose a game because of disconnection issues that are unrelated to my end! This happens quite often lately. I am a paying member and like the layout. The tech support is totally useless! My rating is much higher on fics! At least on fics they either aboard the the game or store it as unfinished game to be finished later! I don't understand why chess com can't get it together! Its very Frustrating when you loose because of your own mistakes and more because of unfair technical issues!

    I have voiced my opinions and suggestions and there is no intelkiget response! Its not just disconnection issues! I really hate seeing a box that harasses me for a violation that was caused by a Technical issue! Worse is when my apponent reports me! I am seriously thinking about exhausting my membership time to move on if this does not get fixed or resolved!

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    The problem was on the internet. I don't face such problems in live chess even I use different browsers. :)

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    I have lost yet another game to the crashes by the server. 

    It's getting to be a feature of Live Chess on this website. 

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    the same things happened many times

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    I have lost a lot of games because of connection issues.

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    since i wrote that comment Jacclyn on the support team came back with sympathty and some technical support.It has improved by swithching to google chrome.There are still interruptions but less frequent and lasting only 1 or 2 minutes which is not a terrible problem in longer games

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    I always used Chess.Com live srver without problems. The last few weeks are terrible now. Constant "Reconnections" and cannot enjoy games. Losing many more due to time outs.

    All other servers are fine.

    windows 7

    Google Chrome.

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    Smiley: for how long have you been experiencing issues? Are you able to try Firefox for a while to see if it changes anything in your experience? I'll investigate logs to learn more about your issues.

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    I will try Firefox next time i use live chess and report if there is improvement. Prob over next day or 2.

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