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Please vote if you are Fan of Anand's personality and chess play

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    May I post? I am not an Anand fan. But I am glad to see how his fans act maturely although he lost. No sarcasm. I have seen the behavior of both fans. And I congratulate you guys are the better one.

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    Seeing how you guys behave, I might want to one of his fans. But no thanks. I already chosen two of the greatest players fans. Fischer and Tal.

    But I really jealous seeing how you guys behave.

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    Mersaphe wrote:

    I love Anand, he is a true gentleman and chess genius. In my mind only four players possess natural chess talent: Capablanca, Fischer, Anand, and Carlsen

    You may want to write +some number then!

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    i never met him

    wtthis thread

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    was Inspired to play chess by Anand..



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    what is this? i'd be suspicious that this thread was made by one of his sercret accounts to see if anyone likes him anymore...

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    +1 I have always been fan of him and I will  always be. I hope he will play with more confidence since the pressure is gone after his loss.

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    Let us go ahead now. he has proven himself!

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