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Rematch in bullet!how hard can it be?

  • 8 months ago · Quote · #101


    The OP was deleted, but you can see by the rest of his comments the mental caliber involved.

  • 8 months ago · Quote · #102


    Yeah, I saw.

    Just for squirts and giggles, I checked out his game archive and looked for games he lost with no rematch. He has a nasty little habit of posting nasty comments on other players walls if they don't rematch. What a... what's the word I'm looking for here... Douche? Yeah, that fits.

  • 8 days ago · Quote · #103


    keep crying on my page you faceless avatar nobody. Checkmate by the way. The model of Precision for you in that game, played by me not you.

  • 8 days ago · Quote · #104


    yeah thats why you blocked me from commenting here because you can't handle the truth. I analyzed our game, I  would probably cry to if i lost that hard, i pushed all your pieces back until they were meaningless and then pawned 2 queens. And theres more to life then 2d chess bro, stop being such a bitch, thats why you don't allow comments on your page because you can't handle the truth. I'm going to post that game on my facebook thanks for letting me beat the living piss out of you. 

  • 8 days ago · Quote · #105


    Like i said, bullet is for worst patzers ( like U2 obvious Smile ). Just to help you to not comment my comment, 880 and 1180 on blitz is LOL and 1400 on tactic trainer is LOL. And yes i can easily lose on bullet some game from both of you, and yes i am million times stronger then both of you so ... = bullet is for worst patzers Surprised. Btw 95% on bullet here have much better rating then blitz, i saw only solid blitz about 1900-2000 to have much weaker bullet rating. And then many 2200-2300 blitz have 2500 bullet so everything is clear Wink.

  • 8 days ago · Quote · #106


    I generally like to play a series of games against the same opponent in bullet. But if my opponent wants to stop after one game, or after they win their first game (which sometimes takes several games), that's their choice. 

    No reason to take these things personally. 

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  • 8 days ago · Quote · #108


    Whoever demands a rematch in bullet is autistic

  • 8 days ago · Quote · #109


    demanding a rematch is an ego thing, plain and simple.  i've been upset from losing etc. but i don't feel anyone owes me a rematch.  i do expect basic respect in the chat while playing though.  I played one guy that started trash talking during my game, calling me weak, stupid, slow etc.  A couple moves later I took his queen then typed, 'You were saying?' and then he disabled chat.   you have to make sure you are playing to enjoy chess and not make it an ego thing.

  • 7 days ago · Quote · #110


    He was probably just a kid.

  • 7 days ago · Quote · #111


    In both of your accounts Atchim and Love2Skate87,i see you ask for rematch when you lose in a bullet game and generaly your opponent accepts but you always run after one win!!!I can't take you seriously brother.It is obvious you have issues.


     Atchim (1819)  gillbod (1845) 1-0 (won) 1|0 15 8/12/14
       whiki (1739)  Atchim (1810) 0-1 (won) 1|0 28 8/12/14
       kyomax2 (1768)  Atchim (1803) 0-1 (won) 1|0 32 8/12/14
       Atchim (1795)  kyomax2 (1776) 1-0 (won) 1|0 50 8/12/14
       kyomax2 (1784)  Atchim (1787) 1-0 (lost) 1|0 25 8/12/14
       Atchim (1795)  kyomax2 (1776) 0-1 (lost) 1|0 36 8/12/14
       JanVdB (1783)  Atchim (1804) 0-1 (won) 1|0 48 8/12/14  
       adderman3 (1641)  Atchim (1796) 0-1 (won) 1|0 40 8/12/14
       hyped_up_stoner(1945)  Atchim (1791) 0-1 (won) 1|0 39 8/12/14
       Atchim (1779)  hyped_up_stoner(1957) 0-1 (lost) 1|0 47 8/12/14
       hyped_up_stoner(1953)  Atchim (1783) 1-0 (lost) 1|0 37 8/12/14
       Atchim (1788)  hyped_up_stoner(1948) 0-1 (lost) 1|0 43 8/12/14
       TUMILTY (1656)  Atchim (1793) 0-1 (won) 1|0 41 8/12/14
       Atchim (1788)  TUMILTY (1661) 0-1 (lost) 1|0 23 8/12/14 <a class="games right-4" style="margin:0px 4px 0px 0px;padding:0px;border:0px;font-family:inherit;font-size:inherit;font-style:inherit;font-variant:inherit;font-weight:inherit;line-height:inherit;vertical-align:baseline;text-decoration:none;color:#0a5689;" href="http://www.ch
  • 7 days ago · Quote · #112


    Love2Skate87 wrote:

    You have more losses than wins, your definetely korean!! Take notes from my moves, you might learn something you crybaby.

    All lack of logic and racism in one sentence!Well done!

  • 7 days ago · Quote · #113


    Biggest blow out in chess is 39-0 inpts

  • 4 days ago · Quote · #114


    this is ridiculous. doesn't make any sense. cannot believe people are talking like this about no increment 60 second games. are you kidding? 

    10 minute and under no increment games between people below 2200 elo are well....you know.....special.......

  • 4 days ago · Quote · #115


    If blitz chess (5 0) is chess on speed, bullet chess (1 0) is chess on crack. 

    It's extremely addictive, and it's just about the most popular form of online chess for humans for a number of reasons. Not least of which is that it's dead easy to see when the opponent is cheating.

  • 2 days ago · Quote · #117


    If blitz chess (5 0) is chess on speed, bullet chess (1 0) is chess on crack. 


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