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Where is the Cool Hidden Stuff on Chess.com?

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    I have to ask.  A few of the posts in this thread have disappeared.  Are the forums moderated that heavily?  Or is it something else?  I've seen mention elsewhere that the posts of banned accounts simply disappear--is that how it works?  

    I don't want to lose access to cool stuff.  Because cool stuff is cool.

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    Great finds guys.  Thank you much.

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    I didn't see any "comment deleted" boxes. Do you mean some people just vanished from your thread?

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    That's just a virtual suburban legend. People just don't vanish from a thread.

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    Yes, some posts vanished.  My current post #102 was near the bottom of a page a few days ago.  Now it's near the top.

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    Young Jacob was not in this thread. Did someone come on here and start talking about Jesus? A moderating type of rapture could have occurred.

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    BudBoomer wrote:


    jesus was a nice guy, he gave peopel wine.

    But then he changed all the wine to fish.

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    If you find the cool hidden stuff on chess.com you will hear one or more of these tunes:

    1. X Files theme

    2. Twilight zone theme

    3. Arthur C Clarke's Mysterious World theme complete with crystal skull

    4. That other wacko jacko show with the guy who acted in Knight Rider and had a theme with him in a tower.

    5. Leonard Nimoy show [did it have a theme?] about weird natural things like reversing the magnetic poles and tornadoes.

    6. The William Shatner weird stuff show theme. Maybe previous experience with Klingons was a requirement for hosting these shows.

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    trysts wrote:

    I didn't see any "comment deleted" boxes. Do you mean some people just vanished from your thread?

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    Maybe someone got hold of cheat-code = invisibility?

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    @ClavierCavalier: The weirdest hair in the galaxy is right againLaughing

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    When I check my content on my profile, it says this thread has 130 posts.  But there are only 125 posts here (now 126).  So, five posts of cool stuff--or responses to cool stuff--have completely disappeared.

    It may not be a big deal, but it's odd.  This is an international website that has many children for members, so maybe my American ideas of freedom of speech don't apply.

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    Depends on the speech, Jaws. Some stuff isn't allowed, and then the aliens must take it away (Did you look in his hair?)

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    I think that dude is usually talking about his parents.  You know how kids think their dad is super strong, cool, intelligent, etc?  Well, that guy is apparently an alien child who attributes all of mankind's achievements to daddy.

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    I think he makes sense..... You know his idea that a panda is part of a alien experiment.. It just spells ALIEN (joking of course)

    To answer your question: I don't know if anyone has mentioned it but for a while there was a parham scandel, I don't have a link but maybe someone else does because that whole thing was funny(Also a little annoying at the time)

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