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chess rap

  • 3 months ago · Quote · #141


    you offered my 13 different draw, but then I saw a clear win, and proved not resigning was a sin.

  • 3 months ago · Quote · #142


    When we playin 2v2 I spawn my army.While I signal your wife to call me!

    Just because you up a queen don't mean ur winnin once I spawn mine back in to the game you better be callin me Zues cause I'll make your blood rain while you sit there looking at the game in bain and vain ill be looking at you thinking oh how lame.


    Oh look I got a call from your wife wait let me re-phrase that EX-WIFE.Was she your life?Oh how sad really bad lad,but for me its rad *RING RING*Look its your dad hes congratulating me for beating you bad!Now lets play one more round of Bughouse before your drugged spuse calls me to her funhouse.

  • 3 months ago · Quote · #143


    (In the 'You're Banned' forum game, in response to g-man 15 rapping with gledz . . .)

    Yo, g-man-one-five, you R soundin' 2 jive,

    You kickin' it with Mr. g.l.e.d.-Z,

    But you now in a cloud cuz U 4got about me,

    Yeah, it's the JayBo man come to trip up your plan,

    I just pinned your Queen against your sorry King's ass,

    You got a comeback, One-Five? I think your heyday is past,

    Yer floatin', yer chokin' on my Kingside attack

    And now I really don't think that you will ever get back

    To the day in the sun when you thought you were hot

    And maybe hip to the trip, but Yo, now you R shot

    Shot like a drive-by by my Bishop, *pop-pop!*

    Yo' Queen-ho's a goner, she couldn't take it no longah,

    So I ban you right here and I send her to heaven

    Your bee-a#*ch iz toast, she layin' dead on g7!!!

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