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Can your chess engine see this?

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    MrBishop wrote:

    Can it just be that Qd7 is better?  With Bxg2 directly, Black arrives at Qxg5 without check allowing movements like Ne3 (preventing the black's knight to go directly to G4 and aiming to g2) followed by Qc4+ with tempo to reposition the Queen to aid the poor lonely King.  And if black takes the knight with the rook at e3, white is running low on material so now the threat is to capture the rook with the pawn and then simply trade the queen for the knight!!  White would have a rook (both!) and a knight for the queen and.  Black still stands better I think, but I also think that playing Qd7 instead of the immediate Bx2 could be stronger.

    Sorry if what I say it's a nonesense, I'm using the engine MyBrain 1.0 and it's rated below 1.400...

     Some people had already posted the winning lines for black if black sacrifices the two bishops immediately but if you don't see it still we can play an unrated game were you can use an engine to choose your moves and  you'll see that I'll win  the same. In the game I missed Qxg5 exactly becaus it doesn't gives check. Bt it threatens a lot of things and black can  even sacrifice the exchange afterwards and still be  in a winning position.

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    Both moves, Qd7 and Bxg2 win easily.


    Actually, I've looked a bit more deeply into them both, and none of them is positional by any means. Both reach winning positions tactically REAL quick.


    Just pick the one you like:)

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    Super bump, but I wanna add:

    With Houdini 3, after 4:52 on 2.7ghz Q6600, it finally found Bxg2+ without moving anything. +8.37. 

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    Only noticed your bump now. Thanks for your reply

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    Another bump:
    Beta SF at 5/20/2014 found the double sace in less than a second. Oh, how much stronger computer chess has become!!! 

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    Wow! I really have a knack to notice your bumps pretty late. But time really have changed! When this thread was created all decent chess engines had to sweat a little before finding the double bishop sac line. What's the evaluation for Beta SF??

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