Fritz 12 PGN file analysis

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    Okay I was having the same problem with viewing pgns in Fritz 12, Herzog's instructions do work, but here's more details:

    1) Open up Fritz 12
    2) from the "main window", click on the green button on the upper left corner
    3) a new window ("games list" window) should pop up
    4) In the "games list window", click on the round button on the upper left corner, select Open and change the file type to .pgn and now the game should be in the list and you can double click on it to view the game on the "main window"

    Now if you want to create your own database and save a bunch of pgns to it, I haven't found a quick way to do this but here's one method:

    1) have the game open in the "main window"
    2) click on the upper left corner round button again (I don't think it matters whether you do it from the "main window" or the "games list window")
    3) click on New-->New database
    4) give it a name and click Open (this should open a "games list window" with no games)
    5) click on the upper left corner round button-->Save-->Save game
    this will save the game from the main window to the database

    Hope this helps!

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    Hi, I could use Fritz 12 to analyze a PGN file.

    1. Download PGN file and open the file.

    2. A board pop up.

    3. Click "P" to pause automatic play.

    4. Click "file", and then click "Copy Game To Clipboaad".

    5. Run Fritz 12, and then click Paste Game.

    I wrote an article about it on my blog. It's written in Japanese, however you can see some images. They are helping your understanding.

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    Herzog1911 wrote:

    Steps are:

    1. Start Fritz
    2. Press F12 to open games list
    3. Click File|Open|Database
    4. Click the "File Type" drop down arrow and choose PGN
    5. Locate your PGN file and open it

    THANK YOU SO MUCh, this works for fritz 13 as well!

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    If you can't figure out that you can't find your file because you haven't selected ".pgn" files from the drop down menu, you shouldn't be playing chess in the first place. 


    Don't take it out on the developers because you can't navigate a fairly navigable application. It's not rocket science. (Nor is it chess.)

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    If you click open and nothing happens when selecting the PGN file, just copy the name of the file into the box where "*.pgn" appears and then click open. It should work just fine.

    Note: You need to be on the folder where the PGN file is located to do this.

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    Hello there! It is a rather old thread but I've just encounter the same problem and none of these solutions worked quite well (if I'm wront correct me)
    As I found out, Fritz 12 can't analyze .png games, but the analysis function operates quite well with .cbh files! So in order to analyze a .png game all you have to do is open it (the instructions have been mentioned above), then hit File-Save As, and simplyt save it as .chb. Then open the .chb you just created and then hit Tools-Full Analysis.

    Hope this helps!

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    Herzog1911 wrote:

    Steps are:

    1. Start Fritz
    2. Press F12 to open games list
    3. Click File|Open|Database
    4. Click the "File Type" drop down arrow and choose PGN
    5. Locate your PGN file and open it


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    Okay no one has said the correct way to do it so here it is (At least for Fritz 12 users):

    1. Create a new database: on the home tab click the large database button (far right). Opens a new window. 

    2. Click circular database button (far left) and go to new. Create a new CBH database where you will add all your custom pgn games.

    3. To add a pgn DO NOT GO TO THE DATABASE BUTTON AND CLICK OPEN like other people have suggested! Just don't do it! It will open a pgn file as the current database which is not what you want! Instead go to the PASTE button directly below the circular database button. Choose APPEND GAME. Change the filter in the bottom right to PGN and open the pgn file you want. This will add that pgn file as a new game in your currently selected database. 

    The title of the current database is in the titlebar of the window so make sure its the one you created in step 1 and not the default fritz db. 


    Yes this will be cumbersome if you have many pgn files. Probably if you need to add many many pgn files all at once then use a script to add them all to one file. PGN files are plaintext and many games can be placed in 1 pgn file. 

    Here's an idea I found:

    PGN is simple text file. You can merge them easily into one larger file with a DOS command in a DOS window.

    Put all the PGN files in one directory; open a DOS window. If you're using XP, go to start > run and type CMD (command, shorthand for a command prompt)

    A DOS window opens. You can type commands at the prompt.
    Most likely you end somewhere in the directory 
    c:\documents and settings\yourname>

    Browse to the directory where your PGN files are. If they're in F:\temp, type 


    close every line with an of course, and you're in the correct location.

    Now type

    copy *.pgn all.pgn

    All PGN-files will be merged into the all.pgn file, which you can open with Fritz.



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    I have been trying for a few weeks to figure out how to save a game or to save a set up position in Fritz. When I click save it doesn't work, says file not found. However I am not trying to find any file just trying to save a file.

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    When you click 'save' it is basically asking you to select which database you would like to save to.

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    Herzog1911 wrote:

    Steps are:

    1. Start Fritz
    2. Press F12 to open games list
    3. Click File|Open|Database
    4. Click the "File Type" drop down arrow and choose PGN
    5. Locate your PGN file and open it

    Thank you very very much!!

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    Damn, three years ago!  I really gotta upgrade. 

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    same with Fritz 14, it took me while to open a PNG, REALLY :(...

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