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my game vs IM Danny

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    I got to play on the big show today and i feel like i did alright for my level of play honestly besides giving him a piece (out of nervousness) and walking into check mate lol but if you could take a look and see what i could have done better i would appreciate it

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    No one is going to do that.  Try reposting this with the actual game and your own analysis first, and maybe someone will comment on it.

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    ChessSoldier wrote:

    No one is going to do that.  Try reposting this with the actual game and your own analysis first, and maybe someone will comment on it.

    Harsh but true. To help out, here it is:


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    shucks i thought i posted it hold on lol

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    Enjoy the experience I say but likely little point in analysing this (or indeed any) rapid-game. Look to the future.

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    it wasnt rapid it was 15-30 i just made it look like one because i sucked lol

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    Yeah I think your main mistake was only thinking about your own plans (you clearly were rushing to castle) and forgetting the threat of your opponent (hanging piece).

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    You did well to get in the ring (so to speak) with IM Danny Rensch.

    You DO know what I'm going to say already, though.

    Sit on your hands. Blunderproof yourself. I do admit that this is harder to do with rapid chess.

    This is an example of insufficient preparation in 1.e4 e5 where White has ventured a Scotch opening (1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 so far so good, then 3.d4 (Scotch) 3...d6?!). Your third move allows white too much scope. Better to take the pawn 3...exd4 and you're into the maze of Scotch Game / Scotch Gambit which often transposes to Giuoco Piano or Two Knight's Defense.

    Instead of 7...Bb4 I would have shored up defenses with 7...Bd6. Once white plays 9.Nxe5! white controls the majority of the board. Saving the bishop drops a pawn on the queen-side (9...Bh5 10.Nxc6 bxc6 11.Bxc6+) and loses castling privs.

    Once white plays 10.Nxg4 his strategy is simply exchange down material and win the endgame.

    28...g5? allows a tactic to speed the process

    28...Rc2 to round up the rest of the pawns would be better (although the game is lost)

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    i see what you mean the record on the loop lol but i need it you also give really good info to thanks and yeah i knew  the game was lost but it was a good oppurtunity to play an IM and learn

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    After you blundered your e pawn you suggested Bh5, while white is still threatening to take twice on c6 (the threat you moved to stop). Bring your bishop back to defend c6 and you're only down 1 pawn, at least. Of course you're now losing horribly on activity and down a pawn, but it's better then being down  two pawns, or a pawn and a piece, and still having insufficient activity.

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