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    Oh, sorry i didn't know. Do i need to delete my last post? I also don't know how to post an active board. Hope you could help me with that :)

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    ChessOptimist wrote:

    Oh, sorry i didn't know. Do i need to delete my last post? I also don't know how to post an active board. Hope you could help me with that :)

    No need to delete your last post.

    To create a new post with an active board: click "Post New Forum Topic" - the large green button at the top right. The usual "Post" box will come up. Beside the usual word processing icons (B, I, etc.) at the far left you will see a small chess board icon. Click on that and create your active board!

    Your blog post does look interesting and I'll certainly go through the game you show on an active board. Might start a trend of coaches analysing student games, which would be appreciated by all I'm sure!

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    Hi banim, one good way i know of is if an expert or someone with greater insight in chess would help analyze your own games and give the important details that shows you what really happened in that particular game you played, what principles you used or misused, what area you have to develop, what are your strengths and weaknesses basing on that particular game you played, and a summary of all the lessons learned from that game. Which means, the best way for you to improve your own thinking is if someone who has more experience than you help improve your thinking processes by fully analyzing your own games.  I do this with my students and they only have positive comments about it and how it helps them understand more their own thinking processes which helps them improve.

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    An thanks, Mr. Mal_Smith!  That is really very helpful of you :)

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    Didn't read it! HA!

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    I actually read it, twighead but haven't applied it yet ( concerning active board ). I'm willing though to be a part of those coaches analyzing students' games, but only in a limited sense, i must admit as coaching chess online is one of my career. 

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    anaxagoras wrote:

    Welcome to the Game Analysis forum


    The purpose of this forum is improvement at chess!  We can all improve at chess when we share meaningful questions and examples from our past losses, draws, and a few of our wins.  In order to get the most out of posting your game at the analysis forum, follow these guidelines:


    1.  Annotate your game yourself before you post!  By annotate we mean the addition of your thoughts, commentary, and possible variations.  In order to receive accurate feedback, we must know what you were thinking as you played the game, and what you think of it now.  It often happens that a right move was made for the wrong reason: knowing your thought process is the only way to bring this to light!


    2.  Post a lot games that you lost, a few that were draws, and on occasion those that you won.  While it is more fun to gloat over our wins than suffer under our losses, we learn the most when we review our losses.  If you really want to post a game where you crushed your opponent, consider the game showcase forum.


    3.  Don't look at a chess engine for analysis until after you have analyzed the game with others at; the same goes for those reviewing.  If you are adding analysis found with the aid of a chess engine, make it known.


    4.  In addition to your thoughts, commentary, and possible variations, here are some of the most common symbols for annotating a chess game:


    !!    An extremely strong move, often game winning.

    !     A great move

    !?    A speculative move, possibly strong but more analysis is needed.

    ?!    A dubious move, prossibly weak but more analysis is needed. 

    ?     A bad move

    ??    A blunder, equivalent to hanging a piece.

    +-   White is winning.

    +/- White has a significant edge.

    +/= White has a small edge.

    =     Equality.

    =/+  Black has a small edge.

    -/+  Black has a significant edge.

    -+    Black is winning.


    5.  Never post a game or a position from a game that is ongoing.  Asking for help with ongoing games is unsportsmanlike and unethical.  Need we say more?

    Highly... boring. I'm sure nobody knew that. Tongue Out

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    I DO NOT WANT TO!!!!!!!!!!

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    Goldname is asking for help on a game that is ongoing. 


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    Re:7/18/15 daily puzzle  Why doesn't K x B? 

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    How do i start a new topic?

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    Hey, how do I create a topic to share a game I recently played?

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    Hey guys I just played a wonderful positional game with a deep positional exchange sac that won the game for me!! GUYS PLEASE ANALYSE ThIS GAME AND PLEASE COMMENT BELOW IF THERE WAS A FASTER WAY TO WIN. and would one of you please post this game in a board format.(preferably the person who comments first) 😃

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    PawnSupremacy wrote:

    Hey, how do I create a topic to share a game I recently played?

    You mean here on this thread?

    Use the chess editor

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    How do you annotate a game? I downloaded a pgn but am unsure of what to do next.

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