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What first...?

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    whether we should plan to attack castled king first or eliminate opposition's central pawns first....???

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    In Holland we do have a saying " to compare apples with pears " , when two absolute different cases are compared.                                                       Here we have even four items : attacking, eliminating, the king and the pawns.   The question "what first" is not relevant without more details.        So, please give more info !

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    That question is so vague as to be meaningless.

    What you do is entirely based on the position at hand.

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    If you can checkmate your opponent then you should do so. It's foolish to not checkmate your opponent just because you can win a few central pawns.


    If you can not checkmate your opponent, and your opponent can then open up the center while you're off storming the king, you may be in trouble. 

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    attack first. defend if needed. chess is more fun with open, attacking, tactical play. positional, defensive chess is boring. granted, i suck at chess though.

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