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100 pages maximum, why?

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    Take a nap, a la Rumplestiltskin, and pretend its a new Book.

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    Doggy_Style wrote:

    To eventually kill off inane threads.


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    Maybe they were getting paid by the page more for under 100 and anything past that was not worth it. Might have been a memory shortage when they created that section at the moment.

    Obvious they were thinking.... Who is going to go all the way up to 100? The anwser is .....everybody.

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    Do you have the same problem with paper books?

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    suezy wrote:

    I know exactly what you are talking about thumbelina and I would like the answer to that also! I think its the way maybe chess.com have set it up. I want to go through members of the group and cant go past 100 pages! Even if you want to go through your friends list after 100 pages it wont let you

    1. suezy you have way too many friends; 2. Yes I know exactly what you mean; my problem is I can't go past 100 photo albums. And I would be more than glad to answer you if I knew the answer myself.

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    No numbers above 100?

    Well, I took a course in college, Humor 101. Joke was on me!

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