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Anand-Carlsen (game 4)

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    pogo85 wrote:

    ^+1 to you bro

    you guys are idiot fools racist dumb guys who think indians r the dumbest they never win anything but now u will see inDIA wiLL shOW whos boSS , dont forGet that India InvEnted CHeSS so bch plz

    There's no need to respond to disrespecting by disrespecting.  Actually ironic ...  as being nice to jerks is a compassionate quality that Anand himself espouses but his fans can't get inspired to follow.

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    Did you know that this muppet psychiatrist had the same voice of another Sesame street muppet called Grover? :)

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    I think Carlsen will win, for the exact same reason of what happened between Kasparov and Kramminik. In other words, on black, Carlsen will play the Berlin wall and so far, Anand has not shown that he can play against it.

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    4 up 4 draws. 6 hours till game 5. I can't wait! I'm going for Carlsen but am not of the opinion that he was ever going to mop the floor with Vishy. Tense, tough stuff at the moment. Go Carlsen!

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    Scala wrote:

    I believe that Carlsen is getting stronger game by game and he will win game 5 

    As I predict carlsen Wins game 5

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