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Bad chess habits that need to be broken

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    the self watching and working on the self? parts of self? it can give ya a headache!

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    I think what you could be describing in;

    your initial post crazychessplaya is sometimes called Sleeping On Mount Olympus and is fairly common in otb or quick play on line. With standard on line play this should be rare, having more time to reflect.

    your second post, is the enjoyment of playing chess and why analyse everything, you followed up saying you sometimes use software for analysis of games, for me this only points out errors but offers no advice for improvement. Give me papyrus and a strategy theme any time. Perhaps not papyrus these days but crushed wood pulp & in my view infinitely preferable to the software approach.

    third post, playing whilst ill, I guess it depends on the seriousness of the game and or the illness...

    Apart from reminiscing my bad habits are occasional shocking blunders in long play otb, two examples with no time pressure, 1) missing a mate in one and eventually losing. 2) leaving a queen on to a pawn take after an opponents pawn advance

    Nice forum topic, interesting read on the posts. 


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    I always want to go for the mate, I am not content to trade off the pieces and go into the endgame with pawn advantage. I just don't trust my endgame.

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    Not putting enough effort into mastering Ruy Lopez. Let's face it, on club level it is OK to play the Two Knights or the Evans Gambit, but these two just don't work against stronger competition. Sure, 3.Bc4 makes me comfortable, but I need to break the habit and go for 3.Bb5!

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    Mine is probably a sign of aging; as I find myself wanting only to play positions that I Like, rather than entering ones that may be objectively advantageous to my side, but clash with my style. To really play well, you have to be able to make yourself happy with any favorable position. Or at least content  :)

  • 3 years ago · Quote · #28


    a.not willing to see the whole board

    b.no belief in myself, even when a tactical advantage is obviously present

  • 3 years ago · Quote · #29


    1-trying to prevent my opponent's plans b4 going for my own plans

    2-rapidly exchanging into an endgame after getting a material advantage of 2 paws or more, I've missed so many decisive tactical shots doing this

    3-trying dubious combinations without looking for other responses than the ones I'm hoping for

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