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can magnus carlson cross the 3000 elo barrier

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    Levon31 wrote:
    fabelhaft wrote:

    "Their is a good chance that Anand wins the candidate, and he has better chances than ever against Magnus now"


    Anand has been playing really well lately, but will after all be 47 next year. It would be very impressive if he could win the Candidates again, but my bet is Caruana.

    I would like to see Aronian win the candidates. Not because he is Armenian, but because I think he is most likely to put pressure on Carlsen in multiple games. Carlsen wasn't really under much threat of losing either of his last two matches

    I think Anand was nervous in Chennai, still nervous, but more relaxed in Sochi, and even more relaxed in the game where he met Carlsen in Stavanger. Therefore I guess that next time the gap will be closer than ever. If Anand is fantastic and lucky in game one, then Carlsen will feel pressure and headache, and the match will be very different.

    Both players are extremely good chessplayers, and I guess its the phsycic things that will make a difference. Carlsen is younger, and will have a small advantage.

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    Caruana, Topalov, and Nakamura all have better chances of winning the Candidates' tournament than Anand. Anand's great, but I think the other three will do better in the next Candidates. Of course, I have been wrong before. 

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    carlsen will not because he has the highest rati in the world so if he loses or draws to someone lower than his rating (which is all of us)he will lose rating pointsYell

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    Yes, he can do that when the top 50 are all over 2800.

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    I'm going to go for no, for either of them. It's too big a step for a generation.

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    NOT IN A BILLION YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!

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    If not, so how is it possible that engines like Houdini or Stockfish got over 3100???

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    They never get tired.

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