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can magnus carlson cross the 3000 elo barrier

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    40 years after Fischer retired the World Champion had the same rating as him. Rating inflation isn't so huge that 3000 will be possible in a very long time. If Fischer had continued playing he would have dropped from his close to 2800 rating. He lost rating points by going +5 in rated games in the match against Spassky. He could even have won a match against Karpov 10-0 and still lost rating points if there just hadn't been too few draws. It just wasn't possible to stay that high in those days, just like it isn't possible to get anywhere close to 3000 nowadays.

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    Well, probably none of patzers won't be rated that, their level of playing will be pretty same.

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    I'm guessing he'll peak at 2931.

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    well rating does not have much to do...it dosent give a view of ones talent...it just shows where one stands compared to others

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