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Can somebody explains what is the logic behind 1 min, 3 min or 5 min. games?

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    VERY deep thinks.

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    In bullet,blitz,super blitz and lightning games,u can have fun with a quick or maybe a couple of chess games when there is no time for a 30min,and also because many people dont like to wait for their opponent to move for so much time.Furthermore,if you haven't tried it ,try it...there is so much adrenaline behind it,cause you try to play a lot of good moves as fast as possible and you try to make 0 errors at them ,in otherwords you try to play well while thinking of the time,plus you can try many new openings and traps and see how they work out at every level or every time control.Blitz and in fast-time-control games in general(especially with no time addings after every move)you play with your instict and you quickly try to see what is the best plan to survive the battle.That is why, in my opinion,blitz and fast games are so exciting. 

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    While playing blitz is fun,  not mindless and require skills to play, the true beauty and art of chess lies on longer time control than blitz. I have seen many new players here complaining that ther are not improving at chess, if you will look at their games they only play blitz. To improve a beginner should not play blitz.

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