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Capablanca's titanic overstatement blunder

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    "Sir, if you could beat me, I would know you" – Jose Raul Capablanca (to an unknown player who had rejected Capablanca's offer of queen odds, on the grounds that Capablanca didn't know him, and might lose)

    I mean, come on! I'm a player of probably hardly even an average OTB playing strength, but I'm sure I can beat ANYONE who gives me the odds of a whole Queen, given it's not a bullet game or a blitz with under 5 minutes per side... and I'd often win even then! So... Capa knew all the average players... apparently? Laughing

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    Besides, that story's just a story, right?

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    No one should not lose to anyone who has been granted queen odds.

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    Of course, NM ozzie_c_cobblepot! But it's still a little thing to think about, isn't it? Wink And yes, paulgottlieb, human or machine, I'd beat them. I mean, wouldn't you? All you need to do is just open up the position (if you need to, make small sacrifices to achieve that), play reasonably, and trade down to an extra Queen, or even just an extra Rook endgame! And if his/her King is not incredibly well protected, you can sac even more material than usually to destroy its shelter and attack it comfortably, still remaining with an easily winning position even if your epic mating assault happens to burn out! Heck, you'll often sac your Queen and win! Need I say more? If anybody wants to prove me wrong in a 5min. blitz or a longer game, then challenge accepted!

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    I think the point Capa was making, if the story is true of course, is his opponent was going to NEED that extra queen to stand a chance against him! Does anyone disagree with that? ;-)

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    I think I could beat Capablanca if he gave me rook odds, I don't know about minor piece odd.  I once beat someone giving queen odds.

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