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Castling Notation

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    TheMagicianKing wrote:
    TheMagicianKing wrote:
    tliu1222 wrote:

    For chess notation, is castling 0-0 or O-O.

    The first is zeroes, the second is capital "o"s. Just wondering...

    Gotta love the OP, not even refering to any specific chess notation. The way it used to be done was with castle and castle long. This stands for castling kingside and castling queenside respectively. I have never had to forefit a game because of using this notation. Let us assume you mean algebraic. If you want to know whether it is used with an O or a 0 (zero), read your FIDE handbook, appendix C, I think it is. They use zeros. However, if you were refering to ICCF notation 5171 is castling kingside, and 5131 is castling queenside.

    You use 0 as in zero. Go look at the FIDE handbook. I mean it. Go now! No time to waste. It clearly doesn't have any O nonsense in there. I quote my friend TheMagicianKing, because he has the right idea. I don't think I've heard an argument for why the letter O should be used other than something along the lines of "my engine says so" or "the pgn to my game says so". Seriously? You patzers probably use your engines as if it gives you sight. If you are seriously intent on it being the letter O, than I ask you to give me a reputable chess organization that endorses O-O, as opposed to the more correct 0-0. I know FIDE and USCF are backing me up. While your reputable source is your computer playing program? Anyways, it would not make since to use a letter to represent castling.

    When did I say that my computer says so? And anyway thanks for the "help," MagicianKing. I do want to know for the computer. So IS it a zero? Where did you even get the handbook? Please tell me, I want to know!

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          Why not just use K-H1 or K-A1 ?   Also I think you can get a FIDE handbook from FIDE!

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    It is capital O's:




    Kingside, Queenside.

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    The notation of castling is 0-0 ( or 0-0-0) so they are zeroes, but, the PGN file requires the letter O. (O-O or O-O-O)

    It has already been written long ago, why is this thread active again?

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