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Chess mazes, do they help your board vision...

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    Do these "games" help your board vision?

    Such as:

    Bruce Alberston books-Chess Mazes

    Solitaire Chess (app and board game)

    BC Take (app by Maurice Ashley where you have to capture all of the opponents pieces that are on the board with every move you make.)

    Or are they just fun chess related diversions?

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    It's a pity Jeff Coakley's books are so hard/expensive to obtain nowadays. Yell

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    One either has the capacity for board vision or one does not. 

    Lots of profiteering going on taking advatage of the fact that most people do not have the inherent capacity. 

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    What do you mean by profiteering, rdecredico?

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    Thanks for the feedback, Dan. The price isn't so bad, I agree, but I also have to pay the fairly hefty postage to UK. Here his books are only available secondhand e.g. $70 for Winning Chess Puzzles. I'm glad to hear 'Strategy' is being reprinted at least.

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    Thank you for the insight Dan

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