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Chess terms in all languages of this planet

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    If language and culture, here understood as "tribal culture", are really inseparably intertwined, then you're right, madhacker. The proposal of an International Auxiliary Language aims precisely bring such rupture: separe at least one functional code of understanding among humans, from the constraints of any "tribal culture". But you are on the majoritarian side, I agree. Most people, currently, refuses the idea of a constructed International Auxiliary Language, detached from any reference to a given tribal culture. My post just tried to "shake" the subject, once the opportunity was there. We cannot inject already grown up trees in the ground. Unknown, unforeseen winds, birds, insects, bring seeds. Time, rain, sun and soil may come to make them slowly grow. International Auxiliary Languages must wait for analogous processes to make their way along human hearts and minds.

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    Ok, this thread seems inactive for like 10 months, but you can have the greek translation.


    chess  -  Σκάκι (skaki)

    chess board  -  Σκακιέρα (skakiera)

    check  -  Τσεκ / Σαχ  (Check / Sah ..both used)

    check mate  -  Ματ  (Mat)

    pawn  -  Πιόνι  (Pioni)

    king  -  Βασιλιάς / Ρήγας  (Vasilias / Rigas)

    queen  -  Βασίλισσα / Ντάμα  (Vasilissa / Dama)

    rook  -  Πύργος  (Pirgos)

    bishop  -  Αξιωματικός  (Axiomatikos)

    knight  -  Ίππος  (Ippos)

    castle  -  Ροκέ  (Roke')

    black  -  Μαύρα  (Mavra)  (It's actually "Blacks" - plural)

    white  -  Λευκά  (Lefka)  (It's actually "Whites" - plural)


    On a more funny mode, we use a strange terminology under friendly circumstances , such as...

    Rook = Home  (Spiti)

    Bishop = Fou / Crazy (trelos)

    Knight = Donkey (Gaidouri) = Animal (zo-o)

    Queen = Woman (gineka)

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    I want:




    Vampire language

    Cockney slang

    Bronx gangland lingua frnaca


    Muppet speak

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    This is my attempt at Cockney:

    chess - fancy (fancy dress)

    chess board - Henry (Henry Ford)

    check - boat (boat deck)

    check mate - toilet (toiletgate!)

    pawn - sweet (sweetcorn)

    king - key (keyring)

    queen - smoke (smokescreen)

    rook - phone (phonebook) 

    knight - traffic (traffic-light)

    black - wolf (wolf-pack)

    white - stage (stage-fright)

    Castle and bishop are difficult, unless you settle for half-rhymes. Any ideas?

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    Hassle and fish-shop? (But what would that make the Cockney code?)

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