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Ensuring constant improvement

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    I'll start off with a brief story. Don't worry, it'll only be a paragraphs' length. 


    My friend knew all the chess moves at 4 and by 11 he was winning local tournaments. By 12 however, he became interested in video games and less in chess. He used to be a fairly strong player for his age, and people expected him to be rated 2200+ when he reached 15. 


    But here's the thing; he stayed at 1500, showing no improvement. 


    Why is that? 


    Simple. It's because he was no longer interested in chess.


    When you first start playing chess, you become interested and learn quickly. This learning continues until you lose such interest. 


    I know a lot of posts on this forum are very text-dense, so I don't want to bore you with my opinion. My advice to all chess players is to continue playing chess.


    Play it consistently and enjoy it. 

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    How do you know if you should do something to rekindle your interest or just drop out?

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    The best way to improve is to enjoy the game.If you enjoy openings.Study the openings.If you like endgames,play the endgames.You like playing gambits?But how about their soundness?Nah if you enjoy swashbuckling chess play them.

    When the time comes you think you are bored with your routine,try delving into the other aspects of the game.If you were very aggressive before,try playing positional this time.

    This method i think is better if you dislike  the idea of studying chess like a robot.

    I played piano before and was tutored.But I really disliked the the stiff and robotic routine.I decided I wanted to learn by myself,I enjoyed it better and only when I was satisfied and getting bored with my play I decided to return to the basics my tutor told me.They were not a chore at all because this time I enjoyed them having quenched my thirst of just playing freestyle.

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    I have yet to enjoy any aspect of chess. I am in that painful learning phase where nothing is enjoyable and nearly every game a loss. There must be more to chess than this.

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    Nope.  That's about it.  Chess is purely an exercise in humility.

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    xtophr1 wrote:

    I have yet to enjoy any aspect of chess. I am in that painful learning phase where nothing is enjoyable and nearly every game a loss. There must be more to chess than this.

    If you don't enjoy something that isn't necessary to do, don't do it. Life is far to short to spend time doing things we don't enjoy.

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    It is actually easy to get to 1500, but after that, it is hard. 

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    To xtophr 1

    The best way to enjoy  chess is to win.When we play a game we may say it's just a board game but we know deep inside we want to come out on top.Nobody wants to be a loser evrytime.It hurts our egos.That's just our nature

    Try playing opponents near your strenght.Slighty stronger or slightly weaker than you.Youll win every now and then

    If there is a chess club near you,attend them as having friends or rivals for that mater really boosts one's determination to improve

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    He stopped improving not only because he is no longer interested in chess, but also because he stop studying chess.

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