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How can i improve my chess before next week ?

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    Dale wrote:

    I would recommend buying Laslo Polgars giant Chess book and perhaps get overnight shipping.

    Start doing the checkmates tommorrow.

    I would start at the beginning and make sure to get in the habit of getting 100 percent accuracy in your solving of the checkmates.

    If you feel the need to check your answer at the back of the book then you are not solving accurately enough.

    Do not guess at what the answer is instead figure it out.

    If you get stuck just take a break and try again later but don`t guess.

    So in one week he could beat you ? Tongue Out

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    I think I've heard Dan Heisman say that Chess is not something you can cram for. I agree with him. Just do what you normally do. Relax and play the game when it comes. Make sure you keep a good score, then you will have something you can learn from.

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    Make your move, stop the clock, write your move.

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