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How To Get More Women Into Chess

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    I think the answer is actually quite simple.  It's "staring everyone in the face": 

    Make the prize amounts the same as in men's Chess.

    Now come the excuses given as reasons:  There's not as much interest in women's Chess.  Well, frankly, that's pretty lame at this point.  If there's not as much interest, then *generate* that interest.  The sparks are there; just give them some oxygen and fan them into flames.
    For example, through a reasonable - meaning *modern* - publicity effort.  And through helping girls realize that Chess can be "cool." 

    I also wonder if it might be time to start thinking about the positives and negatives of corporate sponsorship.  Those need to be weighed carefully, I think - but really - these problems all come down to one solvable problem which isn't rocket science:


  • 4 months ago · Quote · #362


    Is money the incentive for people to play tournament??  I don't play tournament chess, but for all the reasons I might, money isn't even on the list.

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