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How to improve at blitz?

  • 24 months ago · Quote · #1


    So i'm ok at standard 15/10 time controls, but at blitz i just suck terribly..... 

    Now heres teh dilemma..... I practice blitz more to try to get better at blitz..... don't see any progress... ive been the same blitz rating for a month (actually i was higher a month ago   )...... either I lose on time in a better position, or blunder terribly.

    Should I just give up on blitz for a while and stick to 15/10?

    I read that the only way to get better at blitz is to play longer games but then when i come back to blitz im not used to having that little time and get into time trouble

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    Also I know that blitz games are generally frowned upon but what about 15/10? can they help your OTB chess?

    Considering the time controls of tournaments are keep going down----- G/30 seems to be gaining popularity.... 15/10 should be somewhat similar to G/30, no?   ausually all my 15/10 games last around an hour


    but can playing JUST 15/10 help my 5/0, 5/2?


    im thinking my routine now should be 

    play 2    15/10 games a day, analyze them, etc (about 2 hours)

    play 2  blitz games a day, analyze them etc (1 hour)

    Tactic trainers/chess tempo (30 min)

    Chess book study/going over GM games (1 hour)

    instead of what i've been doing recently for the past month which is more like

    a bunch of 5/2 games, analyze them,

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    Blitz I think should just be considered a fun past-time. I've read GMs play it to practice openings, but not many of us are in that group.

    It sounds stupid, but only way to get better ar Blitz is to play faster and don't make really, really, stupid blunders when playing quickly.

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    You can try some opening systems like the KIA,and try to play fast but correctly...so it is not a big deal if you spend for example 5 more secs for a move...and also practise at 3/0 games which are fast but not too fast so you can still have a chance for a win or draw on time if u blunder at some point of the game

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