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I wonder why algebraic notation?

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    FirebrandX wrote:
    imirak wrote:

    I think both notations are fine; I can easily use both.

    I think the reason for this debate is that the younger players today were never exposed to descriptive, so they aren't comfortable with it and therefore think it's inferior simply because they can't read it easily. 

    Ironically the EXACT same argument applies to people championing descriptive. I started off learning chess with descriptive, but took to algebraic soon after and found I appreciated it more than descriptive. A personal taste maybe, but at least I gave both a try.

    It's very generational. There are very few "champions" of descriptive notation nowadays. The point is that both are perfectly fine and these "champions" are simply expressing a subjective preference.

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    Ziryab wrote:

    At the First American Chess Congress, a device was proposed that employed magnets and balls to facilitate reconstruction of a game after it was played so the players could more easily record their games. They did not ordinarily record their games during play.

    In those days, the descriptive that some of us grew up with was still in its infancy.

    The mechanical devise was proposed by J. J. Lowenthal.  There were also propasals for different "improved" methods of notation given by Robt. Dodge and by John Bartlett.

    I'd noted some different notations I've encountered on several occasions, such as HERE and HERE  

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    Thanks batgirl.

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    DrSpudnik wrote:

    I prefer figurine algebraic notation, but you need a long time control to draw all those teeny pieces on your scoresheet.

    Especially the little horsies.

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    I've devised my own figurine pieces. They are much simpler than the ones in chess books.

    Each one takes about 2-3 seconds to draw.

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    Or you could bring some little stampers and an ink pad along with you to a tournament.

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    Perhaps the absolute best is the long(e2-e4)figurine algebraic.What do you think?(at least the most complete,if anything.)

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    Algebraic is racist because it is based upon WHITE'S point of view.   

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    It's also mathist!

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    And raic!

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