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I wonder why algebraic notation?

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    @ ClavierCavalier

    I guess that would be Q(QR8)-Q5

    Or would it be QQ-Q5?

    Ehhh, to blazes with it! I'll offer a draw!

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    They seem to love shorthand in descriptive, such as P-K4 instead of KP-K4, so another possiblity could just be Q(8)-Q5 or Q(1)-Q5 since there is only one queen on each rank.  It's interesting that they use so much shorthand yet some people refuse to use the even more concise algebraic.  

    I don't think most of these arguments are really based on reason, rather that they're based on personal tastes, which seem to be whatever they learnt when starting chess.  The book I learnt the basic rules from was an old book with DN.  A few weeks later and I still wasn't sure about the notation.  I then discovered algebraic and learnt it in less than an hour, so I dropped DN.  The difference is that I wasn't forced to use DN for several years like many of the older chess players.

    I've come to feel that descriptive is too ambiguous.  Sure, Nf3 means a knight moves from somewhere to f3, but N-B3 means some knight from somewhere moved to the third rank, from that player's perspecive, to some bishop's file.  Descriptive relies a lot on context.  

    I also found it a bit awkward having to switch from each side to figure out how to read/write a move.  Some people say that AN is backwards for black, but with AN one can easily write down something like Qa1 where as with DN one has to either write Q-R1 (or Q-QR1) or Q-R8 (Q-QR8), basically having to flip the board for each side.

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    i'm guessing there must have been some point to that. but for the life of me ....

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    Um, I meant to delete that last part.  Gone.

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    Kingpatzer wrote:

    As the saying goes, "Brevity is the soul of wit." Both prose and poetry benefit from efficiency. 

    Tell that to Proust (I just wish somebody had).

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    It's funny... I find 'long algebraic', which specifies the starting square as well as the destination and is used by some book publishers such as Edition Olms, to make visualization a little bit easier for me - and yet I find it harder (less natural) to read.

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